As summer gives way to fall, the leaves change on the trees, and so do the sports. Although this year it looks like the Rockies will be enjoying an extended summer (maybe ending with World Series games at Coors Field?), we just can’t contain our excitement for football!

Football Sunday is a special occasion. You don’t have many good excuses that let you and your friends hang out on the couch all day. So when you host, you don’t want your fun diminished by somebody complaining about the beer, including the guy who complains when it’s always the same old thing. But here are six beer choices that will make everyone happy on your next game day. And don’t be surprised if one of them turns out to be your new favorite!

Elite Colorado Variety Pack


Wouldn’t it be awesome to do a game-day brewery crawl? Watch the game from five or six breweries while sampling some of their finest brews. There’s only two problems: you’d miss too much of the games, and it’s a long way to walk from one brewery to the next.

But Elite Brands has solved this problem for us by packaging beers from six of its top local brewers in a single variety pack. It’s like a brewery crawl on your couch!

The only way this could go wrong? There are 12 different beers in each pack, so somebody’ll miss out if two people want to try the same beer. But there’s an easy solution: buy two!

Upslope Variety Pack


Or maybe you’re the kind of person who wants to find the perfect brewery to settle down at. Well, you can’t go wrong with Upslope Brewing. Based in Boulder, these guys know how to capture the flavor of Colorado. Using snowmelt, premium malt, hops, and yeast, they’re making some of the most drinkable beers on the Front Range.

Their variety pack includes their original four core styles, including the Pale Ale, the IPA, the Brown Ale, the Craft Lager, and a special seasonal release, which right now is their Belgian Style Pale Ale. This is a pack that has something for everyone. And the inclusion of a brown is a nice touch, something that many brewers just don’t make as much these days.



Drumroll is a new American pale ale (APA) from Odell Brewing. Odell is famous for their IPA, which is often considered the best in the state, and among the best in the country. They know their hops. And Drumroll is their latest trick: a hop forward beer that virtually everyone can enjoy. It’s got that juicy citrus flavor, but it doesn’t overwhelm you with bitterness. If anything, the flavor is tangy and sweet. A delicious balance of hops and malts that’s a real crowd pleaser.

Want to add drama to your next game day? Drumroll, please!

Rocky Mountain Saison


A saison is a Belgian farmhouse ale. At first glance, the rural lowlands of Belgium seem about as far removed from football season as you can get, but it’s really a perfect fit. All you have to do is skew your eyes a bit. And skew definitely describes the Rocky Mountain Saison from 14er Brewing Company.

14er Brewing is a small upstart brewer in downtown Denver. They’re not canning much beer yet, but what they are is amazing. Especially this saison with a uniquely Colorado flavor. A combination of cilantro, jalapeño, and lime make this beer a great complement to your famous nachos. And don’t worry that it’ll be too hot: there’s just enough spice that you can tell it’s there, but the saison yeast and spices helps to mellow the flavor. Overall, it’s light, crisp, and refreshing. It won’t kill the flavor of your nachos: it’ll ramp up your palate for the next bite.

Lagunitas IPA


We’ve been focusing on Colorado beers, but what if you have a Raiders fan coming over for the game. (Boo, we know! But one of the great things about America is that you can tolerate Raiders fans and have them over to watch the Broncos trounce their team.) Why not give them a taste of California?

And of all the California breweries, Lagunitas is probably the one with the most Colorado sensibility. And their IPA is, frankly, a favorite for everyone. The Caramel Malt barley is luxuriant, and it provides excellent balance for the hops. And let’s talk about the hops. They’re nicely balanced to give good hop flavor without too much bitterness (51 IBUs, in case you’re wondering, which is respectable IPA territory, but feels more balanced here than in other IPAs.) This is a beer that’ll definitely keep any hopheads happy, but it’s also a beer that people who hate IPAs might find themselves liking.

Sure, people who don’t like IPAs might grumble at first, but when they take that first sip, they’ll say something like, “That’s not so bad,” and pretty soon you’ll see them practically skipping back to the fridge for their second.



Are you looking for something special to kick off the day or celebrate with after a Broncos victory? Why not look a little further than California, to one of the old styles of Belgium? The strong golden ale Duvel is one of Belgium’s quintessential flavors. It’s got an enticing sweet, spicy aroma that pulls you into your first sip. And then you’ll really appreciate the Old World character of this beer, with its, rich, complex flavor. It’s almost like the Belgians know what they’re doing when it comes to beer and put almost 2000 years of beer making into that bottle.

Duvel is a stronger beer than most, which makes it a good one to share around. Buy a 750 and treat it like a celebratory champagne. Everybody gets enough for a toast and a taste, but nobody should be killing the bottle.

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