Most of us enjoy a good beer, and we don’t need any excuse to have one or two. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t also use an excuse . . . or a reason to drink that will encourage us to enjoy beers in a healthy, enriching way.

The good news is that that’s easy to do. Beer is nourishing for the body, enriching for the mind and spirit, and good for the community. So, if you are looking for even better reasons to enjoy your suds, here are a few reasons why you should make beer a part of your daily routine.

Good for Teeth and Bones

One of the healthiest things about beer is how it can support good, healthy teeth and bones. As the most mineralized parts of your body, your teeth and bones need a steady supply to stay healthy. And it turns out that beer is rich in one of the most vital minerals: silicon. And it’s in a form that your body can readily absorb and process it: orthosicilic acid.

And beer has one additional benefit for oral health: hops have antibacterial properties that can inhibit plaque formation, reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease.

So what’s a good beer for your teeth and bones? Well, lighter beers are generally preferred for bone building. And you don’t have to get a really bitter beer, either: the effective compounds are the beta acids, not the alpha acids that make for the most bitter beers. A great choice might be Dry Dock’s Docktoberfest, which has a light amber color and slight bitterness with Hallertau hops, which are relatively high in beta acids.

Heart Health

Another great health benefit of beer is that it can be very good for your heart. A small amount of alcohol daily has been shown to improve your overall heart health

There are three ways that beer can benefit your heart health. It helps lower LDL cholesterol, sometimes called “bad” cholesterol, because it’s associated with high risks of heart disease. Plus, beer can reduce the amount of damage caused by the LDL cholesterol you do have. In addition, beer can reduce the tendency of your blood to form clots, which can reduce your risk of ischemic stroke—when clots block blood vessels in the brain.

Since heart disease is the number one killer of people in the US and around the world, this health benefit alone is a reason why you need to drink beer.

Explore New Flavors

Man does not live by bread alone, nor beer if its only role is to nourish the body. But, listen, beer is not just a food for the body. It is a hearty experience for the mind as well as nourishing for the body. Beer comes in a dazzling array of flavors. Exploring this rich tapestry of flavors is as rewarding as (almost) any experience in life.

When it comes to finding new flavors in beer, there are two key directions to go. First, you can seek out a new combination that you’ve never tried before. For example, you might try Stem’s Coffee Cider. We know, that’s cider, but it’s not unusual to have coffee in beer—it’s especially common in stouts and porters—but a coffee cider is not only unusual, it’s a striking contrast of sweet, tart, and bitter that’ll stretch your taste buds.

But you don’t have to look for radical new combinations to try new flavors. Sometimes it’s just as good to find a slight variation on an old style. For example, the Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest is a collaborative beer, undertaken each year with a different German brewer. This year’s Oktoberfest is produced in combination with Brauhaus Miltenberger. This collaboration between Old World and New World brewers produces a unique brew that is subtly different year to year. It’s a great opportunity to explore the subtleties and variations of this enduring style.

Enjoy Time with Friends

Do you know another way to enrich yourself personally? Spend time with friends that foster your overall wellness. Nothing is better for your mental health than spending some relaxing time with friends. Reduce your stress and enjoy some good humor.

And beer can be a great part of that. With a cool beer in hand, it’s a little easier to leave the world behind and become present in the moment with your friends.

Support Local Business

But the benefits of drinking beer aren’t just for you—your community as a whole can benefit. That’s because the local brewing movement has stood in stark contrast to the globalization movement: driving local employment and commerce. Craft brewing employs nearly half a million people in the US, with an economic impact of over $50 billion. That’s money that largely stays here in the US. With locally sourced ingredients, local jobs, and local distribution chains, drinking craft beer is one of the best ways to buy American.

And Colorado has benefitted disproportionately from this brewing boom. As the fifth highest producer of craft beer, Colorado sees nearly $3 billion in annual revenue from craft beer alone. In contrast, oil and gas contributed $16 billion in Colorado. And what gives you more joy: filling up your tank, or draining a glass of cold brew? Craft brewing in Colorado supports about 8,000 jobs. And if you’re looking for a beer to support local industry, why not try Odell’s Oktoberfest? Odell is focused on a slow growth model that keeps their impact local. They produce about 121,000 barrels a year and distribute in just 12 states.

Celebrate the Season

Another great thing about the variety of beers is that they rotate seasonally, which helps you enjoy different beers that correspond to the different times of year. You’ve probably noticed all the different Oktoberfest beers we have highlighting here. But why not focus on some other seasonal favorites, like pumpkin beer. One of our favorites this year is Ballast Point’s Pumpkin Down: a Scottish ale with pumpkin. The rich, malty goodness of the Scottish ale makes a worthy balance to the spicy sweetness of pumpkin flavors.

And what says autumn better than cider? Nothing, that’s what. And while there are plenty of cold days in Colorado where you’ll want to have a hot cider, autumn in Colorado also means lots of hot days when a cold cider is best. May we recommend Colorado Glider Cider, another local Colorado product.

So with all these great reasons to drink beer, shouldn’t you be drinking some now? If your refrigerator is absent of beer now, you can find these and other great selections at Applejack Wine & Spirits.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are well researched, however, we are not medical professional and as such Applejack Wine & Spirits will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused through the use of the information on this site or for recommending a beer which you try and don’t like. Nobody likes everything and your tastes will differ from those of the Applejack Wine & Spirits team.