Are you trying to figure out what you’re going to give to that difficult person on your list? If you haven’t considered scotch, maybe you should. Scotch makes a great gift, and it’ll make you a hero at the holidays this year.

Think that’s an overstatement? Well, okay, maybe “hero” is an overstatement. Let’s say that a gift of scotch will surely make everyone consider you a “pretty cool guy.” (And, maybe, sometimes, a hero. It’s happened to yours truly. It could happen to you.) Here’s what makes scotch such a great gift.

It’s a Luxury

Scotch is one of those finer things in life. It’s also something that not everybody feels comfortable buying for themselves. And that’s the perfect precondition for an ideal gift. Getting someone that beloved scotch is a great way to warm their heart, as well as their palate.

It Shows You Know the Recipient

Liquor is often represented as an “easy” gift because you don’t have to think about it. But if you’re doing it right, a gift of scotch can be the most thoughtful present.


First, you have to consider whether a gift of scotch will be appreciated by the recipient. You don’t want to give scotch to a bourbon man, for example. Then, you have to consider the kind of scotch that the recipient likes. There are blended scotches and single malts, plus the single malts have distinctive flavors specific to whether it’s a Speyside, a Highlands, or an Islay, as well as the specific distillery. If you get someone a scotch that matches their peculiar taste, you’ll make a lasting impression.

Not sure you’re up for the process of selecting a scotch? It’s actually pretty easy. Just write down the name or take a picture of a scotch you know they like, and the helpful people at Applejack can help you find their next favorite scotch.

It’s Got Built in Conversation

Sometimes, there’s not a lot to say about a gift. But that’s not the case with scotch. Every scotch is as rich with conversation as it is with flavor. When you give it, you can talk about the process of selecting the scotch, how it relates to the scotch they like, and how it’s different. Whether it’s an award-winning scotch or a great new spirit.

Then, when you get to taste it, you’ve got more to talk about. You can talk about all the different flavors. Commenting on a scotch can seem intimidating at first, but it’s an enriching experience, and it makes for great conversations.

Connect to Older Generations


Scotch is a traditional spirit. It’s got a long history, and in many families, it’s the kind of thing that links father to son. Drinking scotch is a ritual that has its own power. If you’re trying to connect to a stepfather or even your own father who’s distant and doesn’t respond well to conversation, quietly sipping scotch in the den might be the best way to finally find a connection.

It’s Always Tasteful

There are many gifts that can be taken the wrong way. They can cause offense or trouble if not given properly Even some types of alcohol can give unintended messages.

But not scotch. When you give the gift of scotch, you’re saying that the recipient is someone who belongs (or should belong) to the select family of scotch appreciators.

It’s Consumable

One problem with buying gifts for some people is that they seem to have houses that are full of stuff. Giving them something else is just giving them more stuff that they then must figure out what to do with. It takes more space in their hutch or maybe they have to make a special shelf for it.

But with a consumable gift, it’s easy enough to know what to do with it. You drink it, and then it’s gone. It’s not a burden or a nuisance.

It Lasts

The flip side of giving a consumable gift is that people will just use it and it will be gone. But that’s not the case with scotch. Although it’s consumable, it’s a beverage that is sipped slowly in a sitting, and those sittings may be spread out by days, weeks, even months.

This means that your scotch may be around for a very long time, and every time the recipient enjoys it, they will think of you.

They’ll Share It with Others


Many gifts are promoted as gifts that “keep on giving,” but scotch truly is one. A bottle of scotch is best shared, and your recipient will likely share it with you. But over the course of the year (or years), they will also be sharing that scotch with others. This sets up many enjoyable moments that your recipient will spend with their friends and family.

One Size Fits All

With many types of gifts, you have to figure out what size or color or whatnot people need. That’s not the case with scotch. It pretty much comes in one size: 750 mL. That’s usually the size you get. No worries.

It’s Easy to Wrap

Some gifts can be a nuisance to wrap. They’re awkwardly shaped, and it’s hard to get the wrapping paper to go around them in ways that it won’t get torn.

But with scotch, wrapping’s easy: you don’t have to. Scotch is an inherently attractive present. You don’t have to wrap it to make it look good under the tree or wherever you put your gifts. If you want to get fancy, you can put a bow on it, but even that’s not strictly necessary. Scotch can go unwrapped.

It Fits in Every Budget


There’s a mistaken impression that scotch is inherently expensive. It’s not. There are scotch options for every budget, whether you’re looking for an affordable option around $30, something midrange around $50 to show you’re not cheap, or some around $100 for a more lavish gift—scotch offers it all.

You Can Pick It Up Last-Minute

Some presents require a lot of foresight. But with scotch, you don’t have to buy it ahead of time (though you might be happier if you did). Instead, you can pick it up at our shop as late as Christmas Eve so you can have it ready for Christmas morning.