People recommend a lot of no-fun things for weight loss. Dieting. Kale. Exercise. Chewing very slowly. Chewing kale very slowly. And we all know that smug friend who loves to brag about all the things they gave up for their figure. That’s pretty much the only thing more bitter than kale.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you could just do something you enjoy and lose weight. Well, good news: you can! It turns out that wine isn’t just full of antioxidants, it can also help you lose weight. How, well, that’s just part of the magic of wine, and a magician never reveals their tricks.

Just kidding, it’s really pretty straightforward, except for the weird thing with the fat, which we’re saving for last.

Lower-Calorie Drinks

Yeah, we know, it sounds a lot like dieting when you start throwing the C-word around, but, it’s not dieting if you can enjoy your favorite drink, right? The plain truth is that wine is typically lower in calories than most other drinks you enjoy. A 5-ounce glass of wine will typically top out around 130 calories. Beers can have over 300 calories a bottle. And even your typical cosmo has over 200 calories.


The key to finding a low-calorie wine is looking at the ABV (alcohol by volume). This is where most of the calories come from in wine, so the lower the alcohol, the lower the calories. The best wines are light, crisp whites like the Naveran Brut Nature, but even a rich red wine like the delicious Mud House Pinot Noir will save you many calories over your other options on a night out.

Linger over Your Drink

We know, this also sounds a lot like “chewing very slowly,” but we’re not talking about kale, here. We’re talking about enjoying a great wine. You want to keep the wine in your mouth for a while and let the taste linger in your mouth. The secret here is also simple math: you won’t lose weight killing a bottle of wine every night. Lingering over your wine glass makes it more likely that you’ll be satisfied with fewer glasses of wine. So you’ll cut down on your calories.


Want a wine that’ll make the most of your sips? Let us recommend the delectable Xavier Vignon Cotes Du Rhone 100%. Every sip is so exploding with a complex variety of flavors in this exquisite blend that you’ll want to linger over each sip.

Curb Snacking

If you have a snacking habit, this can make it very hard to lose weight. So, wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a way to keep yourself from snacking? Well, guess what—wine can do that, too. The truth is that all alcohol can provide some level of appetite suppression, so having a glass of wine with or after your dinner will help you keep from snacking too much in the evening.


But wine has another secret: resveratrol. This compound found in red wine has been found to give some additional appetite suppression in a 2012 study. Looking for a great choice for your evening sip? Try Sella & Mosca Cannonau Di Sardegna. This premium red has a tantalizing aroma and a rich, spicy flavor.

Convert Your Fat

Okay, so here’s the weird fat thing. It’s also a resveratrol thing. Maybe you already know that there are different types of body fat: brown, beige, white, and others. And that white fat isn’t good because it doesn’t burn off easily, but beige and brown fat are good because they fuel your body easily. Well, resveratrol apparently can do this trick where it causes your body to turn white fat into beige fat. Magic! So your fat will be more easily burned off. And once you do that, you’re well on the way to weight loss.


So what’s a good wine to get your daily dose of resveratrol? As we mentioned before, it’s plentiful in red wines, so consider this Giacomo Mori Chianti.

Can Wine Alone Lead to Weight Loss?

So how realistic is it to expect that wine will lead to significant weight loss for you? That depends.

If you currently consume 2-3 heavy beers a night and you switch to one glass of wine, you’ll probably see some significant weight loss fairly quickly, if everything else remains the same. You’d also see similar results if your nightly snack is a pack of Ho Hos, and instead you’re just drinking a glass of wine.

But for most people, just taking advantage of the dietary benefits of wine probably won’t lead to very rapid weight loss. More like a slow and steady burn.

But it will still, hands down, be better than chewing kale very slowly.