Choosing the Right Bottle of Wine Every Time

We love the fact that there’s an almost limitless variety of wines available. And at Applejack Wine & Spirits, we work hard to bring as much of that limitless variety to you as possible.

But we also understand that supplying such an amazing variety has its downside: it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. Especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for.

But that’s what we’re here for. We want to make your wine shopping as rewarding as possible. That means minimizing the time you spend looking for wine and maximizing your Mmmmm when you get your bottle home.

To help us help you, know the answers to as many of the following five things as possible, we will do everything we can to direct you to the right wines for you.

What are the last three bottles of wine you enjoyed?

  • Sure, any one will help—and we can work with that—but three really helps us zero in on your taste. Have trouble remembering what that wine was? Happens all the time. Try taking a quick snap on your phone of that amazing bottle you had at your friend’s party. It will give us a real insight into what you like.

What is the occasion for drinking the wine?

There’s no such thing as a single “best” wine. If there were, we wouldn’t need so many different ones. Instead, it’s always a question of finding the right wine for the right time.

Are you looking for a happy hour libation or something to enjoy with a meal?  We understand, it could be a little bit of both, but bear with us here:

  • A happy hour wine would be a rich, round, ripe wine with a high viscosity that is often a lip staining shade of red.
  • A food pairing wine will have more acidity and tannins that are designed to work hand-in-hand with the fat and protein of a meal. They are generally lighter bodied as well, so they can accompany rather than smother your meal.

And maybe there’s a literal “occasion” that you’re bringing the wine for. It might not make a difference, but maybe it will (the wine with the racy label might not right for your goddaughter’s christening). Knowing this won’t hurt!

Do you like tart foods and drinks? 

One of the biggest factors for new wine drinkers is how sweet the wine is. Your palate has likely been conditioned for a level of sweetness or acidity by many other foods you enjoy on a daily basis.

You notice we’re not asking you whether you like sweet wines or not. A lot of people start out thinking that they only like sweet wines, but they might actually be happier with a tart wine if they tried it. If you haven’t developed your wine palate yet, you owe it to yourself to try a tart wine if you like tart foods. Then you’ll know if that’s really the kind of wine you like.

Would you like something safe and sane or are you looking for off the beaten path?

We love wine and we love its variety, but even we don’t think that every day is a day for pushing the envelope with your taste buds. Some days are better suited than others to experimenting.  Let us know if it is a good day to try something unique, like a Semillon from Australia, or if you are looking for the well-known comfort of a California Chardonnay.

How much would you like to spend?

Everybody’s on a budget—no shame in that! And your budget’s going to change, too. Maybe you got a refund from the IRS and you’re looking for something big to celebrate. Maybe you had to send in a check and you’re looking for a modest bottle of comfort.

Being up-front about your budget helps us narrow the field faster. But here’re a few things to remember:

  • More money does not automatically equal a better bottle.
  • Great tasting wine is available at almost any price point but be aware specific types of wine will only be available at certain price points.
  • For instance, true Champagne starts at $30 and goes up, rapidly, but there are plenty of great sparkling wines between $10 and $20 that would fit that same niche.

With the answers to those five questions (or a reasonable portion of them, anyway), you should be holding the right bottle. Enjoy!